Richard Jewell

This very potent film tells the disturbing true story of Richard Jewell (well played by Paul Walter Hauser); a simple trusting guileless authority revering security guard who instead of being recognized as a hero for saving many lives, was distressingly and wrongfully suspected of planting a bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This film frighteninglyContinue reading “Richard Jewell”

Blinded By The Light

This inspiring coming-of-age picture set in 1987 is based on the true story of young British college student Javed (real name Sarfraz Manzoor, played by Viveik Kalra) who is constantly torn between trying to find his independence and pleasing his very traditional Pakistani father. The movie opens with Javed (Jay) feeling lost with how toContinue reading “Blinded By The Light”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This feel-good film set in the 1990s contains many top-quality life teachings and frankly it was designed to do just that. This movie wants viewers, upon leaving the theater, to ponder how they live their lives. The film is based on true life child entertainment host Fred Rogers with fictional content included. The story entwinesContinue reading “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”