Ford v Ferrari

I would say this movie would probably appeal more to a male audience as its title might suggest – the premise is centered around cars! Although being a female owner of a 1966 Ford Mustang myself that took 3rd place in the World of Wheels 10 years ago (see link below), I really enjoyed learning about the origin and history of how these popular and timeless muscle cars came into being. That said, automobile fodder was just a small part of the movie, and despite the heavy emphasis on machinery this true story underscores a wonderful life message! Without giving anything away this film explores what it means to display incredible grace under fire and how to not let other people’s bad behavior change who you are. Character vs. Conniver – when it comes down to it what guides your journey defines you – so choose your ride and your roads carefully.

Matt Damon gives a solid performance as race car driver/designer Caroll Shelby, but the star of the show is definitely Christian Bale who plays driver Ken Miles. This is an exciting show at times but it’s a bit long. If you didn’t already dislike how huge conglomerates can swallow up individuals in their pursuit of greed and glory then this movie may just push you over the edge. It paints a tail of ego-centrism over selflessness and how big corporations can and do ruthlessly build themselves up on the backs of others without a glance of reflection or care. It’s a dog eat dog world after all, and business is business – right! But does it have to be – you decide.

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In my opinion this movie is absolutely amazing! This is a DC Film but don’t be fooled – it has nothing to do with Batman. Not even the Joker’s signature quote “why so serious” is included because this movie indeed deals with very serious content that is no laughing matter. It taps into the human psyche and how strong and fragile the human mind really is. To me the underlying message of this movie is to be kind to every single person you meet because you never know the pain someone might be carrying behind those eyes. Kindness vs. Cruelty – everyone has a breaking point – don’t be the reason that someone reaches theirs.

Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for his role as Arthur Fleck 100%! He is absolutely incredible and he is officially my pick for best male actor this year! Currently I don’t think anyone comes close to matching his performance. It’s a brilliant yet extremely dark film, and quite sad really because it’s so true to real life. No one could have done a better job with it than Phoenix. His performance is impeccable – he dropped so far into this role that he may need therapy to recover, and I’m not even kidding. It would be disturbing for even the most sound of mind actor to play this Joker character. Well done Phoenix – hats off to you!! Truly!! Anyone that says otherwise does not have a clue what magnificent acting is! Bravo! And loving dance myself, I really appreciated his fancy foot work! What a star.

Tango Anyone?

My First Blog Post

Every Movie Has A Meaning & A Message To Explore

Movies are a form of entertainment that tell a story through a series of images and sound that give the illusion of continuous movement. Doing so allows viewers to learn visually about the message each are trying to convey – often in a short period of time. Some movies are so powerful their meaning lingers, and many times it is in the smallest of details.

— Dr, Martha Hart.

Ever since I can remember I have loved watching movies and deciphering the hidden message and meaning behind them. Some movies inspire us, some make us sad or mad, and some are just good fun. I think my interest in the meaning of things comes from being a doctor in mental health. Human beings possess an innate desire to search for and find meaning. We crave to know purpose – it’s a big part of our humanism. I am also the founder of The Owen Hart Foundation and therefore I work with many individuals in-need so I am always trying to understand people in my quest to be as empathetic as I can to their struggles. As well I am the Vice President of the Monaco International Film Festival (seen below center along with MIFF founders Dean Bentley and Rosana Golden). In an effort to tie in all the aspects of my everyday life and given my love of movies I have wanted to create a purposeful yet casual movie blog for some time about cinema that has moved me or stuck in my mind for one reason or another. Not because I am a said expert in film – I’m not – but just because I love thinking about what the take-away message is in any situation and because I love discussing movies, and giving my Oscar picks… Once this blog is established I will try to do one post per week (time permitting) to explore the meaning of life through the movies we watch – so let’s get started!
AFA-MIFF founders Dean Bentley and Rosana Golden along with MIFF VP Dr. Martha Hart.