Cinema And Covid-19 (Movies = Health Benefits)

I’ve always known that watching movies was therapeutic and good for the soul, but it turns out doing so may also be good for your health! Comedies and romance flicks have long been proven to decrease stress hormones, improve coping skills, lower blood pressure, while briefly providing relief from life’s worries. Whereas dramas have been shown to raise emotional intelligence, and fantasy flicks seem to expand creativity, which may both promote better mental health. However, scary movies might just top them all! Who knew! Research published in The International Journal of the Biology of Stress indicates that watching scary movies may boost the immune system via increased circulation and increased production of white blood cells (key to fighting off microbes such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses) due to a heightened fight-or-flight response that fear-provoking films often illicit. 

This is good news for people who already like scary summer shows. Though not to throw shade, I personally don’t really like creepy capers, but now I might have good reason to take up a few hot weather horrors. I am born on Halloween after all. One caveat to note; these positive health returns may be short-lived so using cinema to ward off Covid-19 can’t be one’s only line of defense. That said, staying home to watch petrifying pictures while continuing to social distance is a winning formula. In short, doing both together may just help. If you are interested in learning more about the positive health effects induced by viewing scary flicks (including elevated calorie burning and happier moods) an excellent article on the topic was published a few years ago in TIME Magazine (Health. Mental Health/Psychology) that discusses these interesting research findings in more depth. Click link. You Asked: Is Watching Scary Movies Good for You? | Time

Note: It is recommended that anyone with heart conditions should avoid watching scary movies. Stay healthy and safe – and keep exploring life’s meaning with me through the movies we watch.

Luv these reels and this town!

4 thoughts on “Cinema And Covid-19 (Movies = Health Benefits)

  1. Cool article and good to know I’m potentially burning calories while watching some horror movies; that’s a win-win! You should totally sneak in a horror movie for the blog at some point.


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