In my opinion this movie is absolutely amazing! This is a DC Film but don’t be fooled – it has nothing to do with Batman. Not even the Joker’s signature quote “why so serious” is included because this movie indeed deals with very serious content that is no laughing matter. It taps into the human psyche and how strong and fragile the human mind really is. To me the underlying message of this movie is to be kind to every single person you meet because you never know the pain someone might be carrying behind those eyes. Kindness vs. Cruelty – everyone has a breaking point – don’t be the reason that someone reaches theirs.

Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for his role as Arthur Fleck 100%! He is absolutely incredible and he is officially my pick for best male actor this year! Currently I don’t think anyone comes close to matching his performance. It’s a brilliant yet extremely dark film, and quite sad really because it’s so true to real life. No one could have done a better job with it than Phoenix. His performance is impeccable – he dropped so far into this role that he may need therapy to recover, and I’m not even kidding. It would be disturbing for even the most sound of mind actor to play this Joker character. Well done Phoenix – hats off to you!! Truly!! Anyone that says otherwise does not have a clue what magnificent acting is! Bravo! And loving dance myself, I really appreciated his fancy foot work! What a star.

Tango Anyone?

4 thoughts on “Joker

  1. Hi Dr Martha.Im checking out your blog after your talk is jericho podcast..Cool stuff here.Lots of love from Malaysia


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